Advanced software solution for Maintenance, Supply and Repair

GOLDesp supports maintenance, supply, repair, and operations for total lifecycle support management of complex assets for air, land, sea and space. The web-based GOLDesp suite merges global asset visibility with complete product life-cycle management into a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) application that can be configured to support:


Defense organizations typically realize major benefits from modernizing their maintenance and supply IT systems with GOLDesp.

Built for aftermarket logistics and military maintenance

GOLDesp was designed from the ground up to support sustainment, repair, maintenance, manufacturing, and refurbishment of complex, high-value assets such as fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft, UAVs, rockets, satellites, engines, avionics, ground vehicles and naval assets.

Combat proven, fully deployable

GOLDesp extends PBL to the battlefield. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force deploy GOLDesp in Iraq and Afghanistan to simplify work recording and asset management. Units in the field can use the system, connected or disconnected, just as they would if they were stationed in their home country.

Interfaces to military systems, COTS, HUMS

GOLDesp uses SOA, Web Services and API sets to seamlessly integrate to DoD or OEM legacy systems, contractor systems and COTS applications. This also facilititates the capture and management of condition-based maintenance (CBM) and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) data.

Advanced technology

GOLDesp is Java EE compliant and based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) via Web Services and Messaging. The application is based on various open source frameworks and is written in Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and XML technologies.